Snow day


Walking to the Farm to Buy Eggs

Snow, gray skies and freezing windy weather!  Can you believe it?  We have snow!  I can hear some of you laughing already, pointing to the picture and snickering a little more–what snow?  Keep in mind that we live in a region that rarely sees snow.  You can think of snow in the same sentence as “when pigs fly” or, if you want to use your French, “quand les poules auront des dents” (when chicken have teeth).  The 2cm of snow you see here was enough to create more than one problem this morning.  In an area that doesn’t get snow, snow plows are non-existent and even salt is a luxury!  (And, in all fairness, not worth the investment for the one day of snow we get every 2-3 years.)  Perhaps even more importantly, people simply don’t know how to drive in snow.  It took Anthony 2 hours instead of 12 minutes to go to work this morning, more than half of the girls’ school, teachers included, didn’t make it in today and I could go on.  In terms of local productivity, today must be a low point.  I did get to teach Laura to throw a snowball and that has to count for something!

Now that it’s night, the snow is mixed with ice (something no one can drive in) and I’m sitting by the fire.  It looks the temperatures will remain below freezing for now and tomorrow you can think of me out there scooping up enough snow to make a snowman with Laura!  Dreams can come true!

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