December and Skating in Rennes


Elise’s First Time on the Ice

December is almost over and I’ve hardly blogged at all this month.  I’m not yet ready to think about New Year’s resolutions or my favorite moments of 2012.  I’ll save that for tomorrow.  New Year’s is traditionally a lazy day for us.  Elise’s birthday, Christmas, and one too many bûche de Noël have come and gone.  What else has happened?  Not much to be honest.  Somehow, all the Christmas activities devoured our weekends and I didn’t see the time go by.  I’ve been keeping fit too.  I’m in Week 6 of my Marathon Training plan and ran 15km yesterday.  Yes, I know I’m still nowhere near the sacrosanct 42km but you have to start somewhere.  My appetite has picked up too.  I ate more than Anthony last night for dinner!  I’ve even convinced him to start walking and exercising again.

Here I Go

Here I Go

The girls are on Christmas vacation and while I wasn’t interested in spending our money to go skiing, I was up for trying something new and enjoying a little post-Christmas splurge.  Can you believe that I’m the only one in our family who had gone skating before Saturday?  Rennes is about 45 minutes south of Dinard/Saint Malo and home to Le Blizz–2700m² of indoor ice-skating fun!  While it’s a bit pricey if you don’t have your own skates (we didn’t), it does make a nice change from the sea and surf theme we live with most days.  For 22.20€ we received two adult tickets with skate rental and two Under-5 child tickets with skate rental.  Le Blizz actually has two side-by-side rinks with the smaller of the two being devoted more to beginners and families.  After getting skates on everyone and picking up a skating sled, we headed out to the ice and both girls immediately panicked!  I think it’s every parent’s nightmare–you spend (good) money to give your child a treat and they just don’t like it, start crying, tell you they want to go home or all of the above at once.  We coaxed Elise onto the skating sled and immediately went back to pick up another one for Laura.  There are times when it pays to be short and as I spent the next 30 minutes pushing Laura around the ice, I felt a bit of sympathy for the tall fathers out there with their children.  Our patience did pay off and, while Elise refused to move off the sled, by the end of the afternoon Laura was skating on her own pushing the sled in front of her.  She even started crying when it was time to leave.  If you’re planning to bring your small children, it pays to arrive as soon as the rink opens.  On Saturday, there were not enough sleds for all the children present and we were constantly being asked if we were finished with ours.  The sleds are available first come, first serve in exchange for your ID card.  The atmosphere reminded me of the roller-skating rinks I went to as a kid–loud (but not deafening) music, swirling lights and the constant motion of people going round in circles and having a good time.  If only every day could be so much fun!

And now, off to finish 2012 not with a bang, but with cheese, wine and good friends!  See you next year!

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