The 24-Hour Pet

Do you have any pets?  I swore we wouldn’t adopt anything.  Two children are more than enough work for me or at least that’s what I told myself.  A couple of weeks ago, the most adorable little kitten (well young cat) followed us all the way home.  He kept trying to come inside, let himself be petted, etc. I caved and let the girls give him some milk and tuna–outside!  I could play the Sugar-Daddy but within certain limits.  He spent the night crying outside our window and after spending half the night talking over names with Anthony, I let him in the kitchen the next morning.  We named him Sherman, Anthony fussed over him, the girls started purring!  Are you getting the picture?  I was even beginning to look into buying cat food and a litter box when the doorbell rang later that day and his owners showed up to claim him.  Laura and Elise spent the evening crying.  I spent it torn between cursing myself for having let Sherman, real name Jack, into the house and being glad that we had saved another little girl from crying over her lost cat.  Laura and Elise never did really understand why someone would come and take their cat; trying to explain to them that he was lost was a losing battle.  Since then I’ve been feeling a bit mixed up–on the one hand, we don’t have to worry about taking care of him, on the other, it’s scary how quickly we got attached to him.  I guess it’s my fault for having let him follow us up the driveway to begin with….

Fast forward to yesterday evening, allow me to introduce you to Sherman and Johnson!  This time, they’re good and ours, adopted from one of Anthony’s colleagues!  I’m truly nuts–not one cat but two!  Wish me luck!

Johnson (gray and white) with Sherman (black and white) on top

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3 Responses to The 24-Hour Pet

  1. Bree says:

    I have to ask- do the cats display personalities similar to their namesakes?

    • lapoussine35 says:

      Yes and no. Johnson is trouble wherever he goes. He’s constantly pouncing on things and bothering his brother. Sherman is better at getting food….he hasn’t marched to the sea yet but he always comes running when we sit down to eat! LOL And, by the way, they’re both girls but with names like Sherman and Johnson, I keep referring to them in the masculine!

  2. PostMuse says:

    They are adorable! And I love their names. And I suspect a conspiracy (I wouldn’t be American if I didn’t suspect a conspiracy, right ^-^) involving the cat that followed you home and your pet ownership. People who have kittens to find homes for rent that lovable cat to follow people home, insinuate himself into their hearts, and then his owner shows up and the kitten owners get a “I need kittens now” call.

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