Happy Fourth of July!

Flag Hand-Outs

Lest you think that we’ve been subjecting Laura and Elise to a week’s worth of historic sites, houses, cemeteries and battlefields without any respite, rest assured that we’ve been giving the girls ‘kiddie time’ too.  This morning we took them to a 4th of July parade.  As France and the US share the same patriotic color scheme, I even had them dressed in red, white and blue!  They loved it!  Elise spent two hours waving to everything and everyone that passed by us on the parade route.  Laura made sure not to miss a single hand out or chance to high-five a mascot/character.  Bands, bagpipes, flag waving, firetrucks and people in the parade handing out candy!  Oh, and politicians too!  The couple next to us said it was impossible to have a parade without politicians and there were a bunch!  I have to admit at some point I started wondering what would happen if there were a real fire emergency during the parade as it felt like the better part of the local fire departments were all in the parade.  The parade was a neat mix of things that came together nicely: a bit of homemade–there were a number of schools and Girl/Boy Scout troops out marching together, a bit of commercial–several stores sent their mascots out, and a bit of fun–a whole section of the parade was devoted to a patriotic themed family bike ride (Laura was impressed by the balloons and streamers on the bikes).  Have a Happy Fourth!

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