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Saint Malo: Tampopo

If you’re looking for a special evening out in Saint Malo and want to try something different, head to Tampopo in the walled city (Intra-Muros).  I’ve been dreaming about going there since last November when my Japanese friend sent me … Continue reading

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Saint Malo: Flags and Coats of Arms

Souvenir hunting seems to go hand-in-hand with sightseeing and vacations in general.  I’m not a big souvenir person–taking photos is more my speed and postcards are my stock items–but I am curious to see what symbols, buildings, etc. show up … Continue reading

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Day Tripping: Saint Malo’s Ramparts

We’ve been having a week of rain mixed with sunny moments!  Basically the sun comes out and we immediately run outside to enjoy it all the while praying that the wind won’t blow another shower our way until we’re safely … Continue reading

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Life in France: Election Day

Tomorrow is the last day of school vacation and, more importantly, the first day of the Presidential election here in France.  Instead of traveling, our day will involve voting (and in the case of A’s Dad counting ballots), relaxing and … Continue reading

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Gotochi Postcard: Chiba 2009

Laura and Elise discovered peanuts today, not the toasted salt-covered snack but the M&M’s variety covered in milk chocolate!  While I wasn’t worried about food allergies, I had been putting off letting the girls try them thanks to their choking-hasard … Continue reading

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French Stamps: Paris, Budapest, and Copenhagen

Three years ago the French Post started a new stamp series entitled “Capitales Européenes” (European Capitals).  Each souvenir sheet contains four stamps issued at the national first class 20g rate.  (You can see the price rise in between the second … Continue reading

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Day Tripping: Côte de Granite Rose and Ploumanac’h Lighthouse

Did I mention that we’re on school vacation again here?  I know it doesn’t feel like that long ago that we were on winter break–6 weeks ago to be precise–and here we are again!   Luckily I have friends who are … Continue reading

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