Happy Leap Year

Stitch Takes on Japan (Postcard)

Happy Leap Year!  This was the only postcard I had that I could even remotely link to the Leap Year–leaping Stitch and friends!  I know it’s a stretch but I couldn’t resist!  Besides, if we exclude Cinderella, Stitch is Laura’s favorite Disney character.  Should I psychoanalyze her choice? She identifies with an alien that tries to be good yet still makes huge messes and loves his family…maybe it’s not so bad after all!

I didn’t realize that Stitch had his own TV show in Japan.  Stitch, reworked for Japanese audiences, came out in 2008.  The Japanese series is set, not in Hawaii like the movie, but in a fictional island near Okinawa named Izayoi.  Lilo’s character is replaced by a little Japanese girl named Yuna.  For those not familiar with the movie, the basic back story remains the same–Stitch, the alien experiment, escapes from Dr. Jumba and crashes his space ship on Earth while being pursued.  Once on Earth, he makes friends with a lonely little girl and starts learning how to be nice and live as an “upstanding” member of society.  (I’d love to know if they kept the Elvis references from the film, and if not, did they replace them with a Japanese singer/actor equivalent.)  One key plot change is the introduction of the Okinawan “Spiritual Stone.” The stone holds the power to grant wishes and turn Stitch into the most powerful creature in the universe.  The catch?  Stitch must perform a required number of good deeds.  I wonder if the show will ever make it to French TV.  If you feel like getting a preview, check out this site which offers Episode One with English subtitles.  I’m waiting for a rainy day to show it to the girls.

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