Back to School: A Nursery Rhyme

Laura went back to school today.  I’m on vacation now!  Well almost–I have to finish getting her costume ready for Carnival on Thursday and Elise is still here.  Laura likes going to La Maternelle (pre-school) which is a blessing.  I was a bit nervous this morning; going back to school or work after a long break is never fun.  In addition to her “A, B, Cs” it feels like she’s been learning a new song, poem or nursery rhyme almost every day since she started.  I thought I would share one of her favorites with you today.  I can’t say its a very logical nursery rhyme but then I don’t find most English nursery rhymes easy to explain either!  (Have you ever tried to explain Hey Diddle, Diddle?)  I’ll let you guess which part makes her giggle the most…

Une souris verte

Une souris verte
Qui courait dans l’herbe
Je l’attrape par la queue,
Je la montre à ces messieurs
Ces messieurs me disent :
Trempez-la dans l’huile,
Trempez-la dans l’eau,
Ça fera un escargot
Tout chaud.
Je la mets dans un tiroir
Elle me dit qu’il fait trop noir
Je la mets dans mon chapeau,
Elle me dit qu’il fait trop chaud
Je la mets dans ma culotte,
Elle me fait trois petites crottes.

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A green mouse
Which ran in the grass,
I caught it by its tail
I showed it to those men.
The men said:
Dip it in oil,
Dip it in water
It will become an escargot (snail)
Nice and warm.
I put it in a draw
She told me: it’s too dark
I put it in my hat
She told me: it’s too warm.
I put it in my underwear
She makes three little droppings.

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One Response to Back to School: A Nursery Rhyme

  1. Iris says:

    Hello there! Hello Laura. Well, I think your rhyme is fascinating! I am sure that French people do not eat mice… at least I hope not. I guess the part that you giggle at the most is the last part, which is the three little droppings. Maybe the mouse should get some underwear for itself instead of using someone else’s!
    Lots of love,

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