Chicken Pox

Happy Birthday! (Pre-Pox)

Laura is off from school until almost the end of February!  No, winter break hasn’t started yet.  She just knows how to perfectly time getting chicken pox!  Our doctor told us that she can’t go to school for the next 12-15 days i.e. until all the spots are gone otherwise known as one day before winter break starts.  Apparently half her class has come down with the chicken pox in the last week!  She is covered in itchy red spots everywhere and I do mean everywhere (insert your own shudder here).  It’s hard not to feel sorry for her.  We’re waiting for Elise to break out next–the two-week incubation countdown has started!  Luckily both Anthony and I had the chicken pox as kids.  It’s odd being quarantined off from the world though.  No play group, no visits to the neighbors (who managed to escape chicken pox as children), no school and no explanation good enough to tell Laura why we’re now social pariahs! LOL  I’m laughing but she truly doesn’t understand why we can’t see anyone.  I read online that the USA vaccinates against the chicken pox.  I wonder why they don’t do it here.  If you could see Laura right now, you would be very pro-vaccination!  What a great way to celebrate turning 4 years old!  Happy Birthday Laura!

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One Response to Chicken Pox

  1. N High says:

    They get a vaccine in 2 doses because it wears off. D. never got chicken pox and got the vaccine late because schools started requiring it even though she wasn’t really in the age range to receive the vaccine. L. has had 1 dose and gets a second one in a few years. I don’t think I’ve seen any cases of the chicken pox for awhile except in kids whose parents refuse vaccines due to various concerns.

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