2012 French Stamps

2012 French Philatelic Program Part I - January - June

As you might guess from someone who loves postcards and mail, I pay close attention to the French stamp issues.  I am not organized enough to be a stamp collector but I do appreciate nice stamps….enough so that I received this in the mail yesterday along with New Year’s wishes from La Poste.  This postcard shows most of the French stamps being issued from January to June this year.  Not all the stamps are shown–certain stamp designs had yet to be approved when the postcard was printed and thus are not included above.  Perhaps the most noteworthy missing stamp, in my opinion, is the 2012 Olympics stamp.  I always enjoy getting Olympics stamps on my mail and I can’t wait to see what France has chosen to commemorate this year’s Games.

Personal favorites?  The tropical fish mini-sheet immediately caught my eye and, of course, this year’s Heart stamps.  I love the yearly heart series (pun intended).  Every year a different fashion designer is asked to create a  heart-shaped stamp.  In the past, Yves Saint-Laurent, Christian LaCroix, and Chanel have all designed stamps.  You can see all the different heart stamps over the years here.  This year’s stamps were designed by Adeline André.  I don’t follow fashion enough to have an opinion on her collections but I will be sending a little love thanks to her stamps!  Tomorrow is my post office day!

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6 Responses to 2012 French Stamps

  1. Iris says:

    You’re like me! I tried hard to stay away from pre-ordering stamps this year but I caved and went to buy some CNY stamps today – they were out of the ones I wanted, which was sad. I too like the tropical fish one, but the Jardins de France and the jazz musicians one are pretty cool too. As might be the Hopper ones – is that the only Hopper stamp being issued?

    • lapoussine35 says:

      There’s only one Hopper stamp planned. I like his paintings but most of the time they are too melancholic for me. I saw a retrospective exhibit on Hopper at the Tate Modern in London several years ago. I don’t regret going but I can’t say that I left the museum feeling lively and gay! LOL I think Summertime is my favorite painting of his (Nighthawks exlcuded).

      • Iris says:

        No I suppose I can’t say they’re very chipper either. They’re static – not a criticism but an observation – but I think his colours make up for it. He’s not a crazy favourite of mine, but he’s not bad! 🙂

  2. N High says:

    The Edith Piaf stamp looks nice and I was immediately reminded of the scene in Band of Brothers where she is singing as they are waiting for the Germans.

    • lapoussine35 says:

      I doubt you can read it (the scan isn’t as good as the original) but the Edith Piaf/Miles Davis stamps have “”Etats-Unis/France” printed on the right-hand side of them. According to the back of the card, they are part of a France-USA joint issue. The French stamps will come out in June. I’m wondering what the US part will be….

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