Visions of Sugar-Plums

Japanese Santa

I’ve got ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas  by Clement Clarke Moore stuck in my head.  We’ve been reading Christmas themed books from the library today and looking at all sorts of different Santa Clauses.  No matter the illustrator, certain traits seem to carry over–the red suit and hat, white beard and mustache, black boots and the “I’ve eaten a few too many cookies” look.  I couldn’t resist sharing this Japanese Santa with you.

I love how Santa has been appropriated and given a traditional Japanese look–the same, yet different.  The bag of toys is there, the red and green holiday colors, and yet, it’s a totally new Santa to me and the girls.  On a similar note, it reminds me of a documentary I saw on Crèche/Nativity scenes around the world.  I loved seeing all the different settings for the Holy Family.  From an igloo version to a traditional Italian look to an African village scene, they all had the same magic to them.

Getting back to the post’s title, I think I’m sick….  No, rest assured Laura is better, Elise is doing great and I’m just dealing with sugar overload!  (A. actually is sick but that’s another matter.)  Have you ever eaten Royal Icing?  Or tried to make a gingerbread house with two small kids?  Let’s just say that the gingerbread house which started very promisingly with perfectly cut siding, roof pieces and a chimney (yes I was overly optimistic) ended up as a collection of large cookies coated in tons of royal icing and covered in enough candy to land a diabetic in the hospital.  So much for good intentions!  For those who don’t know, royal icing is basically egg whites drowned in a ton of powdered sugar and beat until stiff and glossy–basically it’s a baker’s cement!  Laura and Elise spread it everywhere.  I think I gave up on my perfect Christmas card ideas of how a gingerbread house is supposed to be made in the first 30 seconds.  For this year, after getting slightly annoyed that things weren’t going perfectly, I gave in, decided to just smile and we ended up having a great time…and a sweet-tooth’s stomache!

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