Christmas is Coming

Christmas Desert

J-7!  The tree is decorated, the stockings are hung on the stairs with care and I’ve high hopes that Saint Nicholas soon will be there!  (I even happen to know that he’s finished all his shopping and most of his wrapping.)  Today, I tackled the last big pre-Christmas issue–the food.  I’ve figured out our Christmas menu this year and I’ve decided to “cheat” on everything but desert.  What does “cheat” mean?  Simply put, it means that I have ordered most of the food from our local Super U, our fishmonger and our butcher and will not be slaving away in the kitchen all day.  We’re having Christmas at our house this year and I actually want to be with everyone and not spend the day catering to the needs of all the adults and four kids.

Foie gras, oysters, shrimp, crab, scallops, assorted other shellfish, duck, suckled pig with stuffing, a cheese platter to make my husband’s head turn….are you getting hungry yet?  Lest you think us all pigs, I should add that I’ve been randomly listing parts of both our Christmas Eve and Christmas meals and that we’re splitting the bill.  So what will we be having for desert?  Not the two-tiered beauty above but two yule logs–a chocolate bûche de Noël with a mascarpone expresso filling and a chocolate buttercream on top and another vanilla one with a raspberry mousse filling and a vanilla buttercream icing.  I’m also planning to make macaroons, truffles, and other little goodies to eat over coffee and tea.  Can you tell I like to bake?  If food is a window into a culture, I think you could probably get a lot out of our meal….  What will your holiday table look like this year?

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