Tokyo Sky Tree

Skyscrapers in Japan V. 2.0

Tokyo Sky Tree and Tokyo Tower Stamps

One of my first posts here was about Japanese skyscrapers and featured the first version of the card shown above.  I recently received the newest copy as a surprise from another friend.  Notice anything different?  It’s impossible to miss the addition of the Tokyo Sky Tree.  The Sky Tree is 634 meters tall–it’s the tallest man-made building or structure in all of Japan and the second highest tower in the world!  Work started in July 2008 but the design phase dates even earlier to 2006.  While most of the construction is finished (and the building has reached its official height), finishing work is scheduled to continue through February 2012 with the public grand-opening set for May.  It might not be open yet but the Sky Tree already boasts its own stamp!  Like the Tokyo Tower beside it, the Sky Tree will have two observation decks for visitors as well as a restaurant and other amenities!  I wonder what it looks like at night–does it sparkle and shine? Is it backlit?  I think the Eiffel Tower is particularly neat at night–sometimes it sparkles (my favorite), other times it’s lit up in certain colors to symbolize different causes/events.  Considering how much thought went into the color scheme and the need to make the Sky tree fit seamlessly into the Tokyo landscape, I’m sure it’s already been thoroughly worked over….now it’s just up to me to get there and see for myself!

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