Dreaming of a Very Expensive Accident

Dream by Yoko Ono, Installation at the Yokohama Museum of Art, Japan (2011)

Now here’s something I couldn’t have dreamed of myself–the world’s most expensive car crash happening in Japan a few says ago!  When I lived in Geneva, Switzerland I got used to seeing expensive cars on a regular basis.  Mercedes were just “common” cars, the number of Porsches didn’t surprise me after a few weeks and I even became accustomed to the occasional Rolls Royce or Ferrari out and about on the streets.  During Geneva’s annual car show, the number of such cars seemed to increase exponentially!  (The majority of cars driving around Geneva are “normal” cars but the percentage of luxury or sports cars in the city has got to be one of the highest in the Western World.)

Japan is famous for its love of luxury goods, this apparently also includes luxury cars.   Just a few days ago, fourteen cars including a Lamborghini, three Mercedes and eight (!) Ferraris were involved in a collision accident.  According to the police, one of the drivers spun out while speeding on the wet road and the rest just followed suit.  Total value of the cars involved? Over $4 million! Ouch!  It looks like a video game crash–Grand Theft Auto or something similar.  The kind of crash you dream up with your toy cars or guiltily watch on TV racing recaps.  The road was closed for over six hours to clean up the mess and judging by the video here: World’s Most Expensive Car Crash, most of the cars looked ready for the junk yard!  Somewhere there is an insurance agent living, not a dream, but a nightmare!


Note: My apologies to Yoko Ono for using her artwork in today’s post.  I’m sure hers is a dream of peace and not wrecked cars but I couldn’t resist!

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