Santa Claus is Coming to Town

The Official Photo-Op

Yesterday was an important day in Laura’s life–she met le Père Noël/Santa Claus!   She spent the morning rehearsing her official poem to him, which she promptly forgot when she saw him.  She also kept worrying about how she was going to bring her presents home.  I explained to her that today was just to meet Santa; he would bring her presents on Christmas Eve.  Santa was the guest of honor at Anthony’s companies’ Children’s Christmas Party.  They rented out a local movie theater and treated the kids to a private showing of Mission Noël.  The film was cute.  Although definitely aimed at a slightly older child, both of the girls enjoyed it. Elise in particular spent the entire film “oohing” and “aahing” and pointing things out to anyone who would listen.  (The people in front of us kept chuckling when they heard her.)

Japanese Santa Cancellation

Even Kitty Came to Give out Presents

The movie seeks to answer those age-old questions about Santa (Does he exist? How does he deliver all those toys?  How old is he? etc.) by telling the story of Santa and his family (wife, two sons and father).  The morals of the story–no child gets forgotten, the magic of Christmas, and the importance of believing in yourself and working together to get a job done all come through nicely.  Some bits are clearly for an older child.  I don’t think Laura and Elise understood why the Air Force was trying to shoot down Santa’s sleigh at one point (and they actually destroyed it too!).  Nor did Laura understand why some of the elves were making fun of Santa’s youngest son, Arthur, the hero of the film and a bit of a clutz in the beginning.  Luckily, they didn’t seem to dwell on these details too much and seemed far more interested in all the wrapped presents, the (nice) elves and Santa’s new S-1 super spaceship.  Mission Noel is nearly two hours long and Elise became a bit antsy towards the end.  Luckily, she didn’t seem to bother anyone and she finished the film on Anthony’s lap.

Hello Kitty and Santa Postcard

When the film ended, I was surprised to see Woody from Toy Story and Hello Kitty by the exit!  Judging by this postcard I received last year, I shouldn’t have been!  Hello Kitty is clearly in league with Santa!  To be honest, I couldn’t decide who Laura was more excited to see–Santa or Hello Kitty!  As the children left the theater, Santa, Kitty and Woody gave each child a little goodie bag full of chocolate, candy and little toys!  Elise, who had been very nervous and keeping her distance from Santa earlier, came right over for the goodies.  She insisted on carrying them to the car herself!

Today’s goal–write a letter/draw a picture for Santa and mail it tomorrow…with an official Christmas stamp!  The French Post Office, working with le Père Noël and his elves, makes sure every child who writes to Santa gets a reply!  No one gets forgotten!

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