Surreal Japan

Surreal Japan

One of my favorite painters is Magritte–I can look at his work for hours on time without getting bored.  One of my greatest regrets when I was living and working in Belgium was that the Magritte Museum was under construction and set to open just after my time in Brussels was up!  I haven’t gotten there yet but I plan to and, as anyone who knows me knows, it might take me several years but I will get there.  Magritte was actually the first person I thought of when I saw Kiro Uehara’s art (pictured above).  Uehara is a Japanese artist born in 1949 in Niigata, Japan.  He studied art at the Tokyo Art University and became a professional artist in 1969.  My friend came across the mixed media collage above in an art gallery while she was out exploring one day.  I’ve found a few other examples of his work online and love his collages.  To be honest, surrealism is not my favorite art style (Magritte excepted) but Uehara’s work above feels like a Japanese daydream to me just perfect for a lazy day.

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