Today’s Project

Cake Folding Paper

Not a real post today but a project per se.  I’ve done origami and other paper-folding activities off and on for years now.  I can remember first learning about origami in school when I was 8 years old.  Our teacher had spent her summer vacation in Japan and she came back inspired!  We did little Japan-themed activities all year-long as part of our World Cultures unit.  The two I still remember are the origami boat, cat and dog we learned how to make and the seaweed candy.  To get the seaweed candy, we had to be able to count to ten in Japanese.  I remember how determined I was to get the candy, unfortunately, I can’t remember how to count to ten anymore!  I’ve had this “Cake Folding Paper” for some time now.  It’s one of my multitude of rainy day projects–we’ve had enough rainy days but I still haven’t found the time to make them.   That is going to change today!  Note the French pâtisserie theme!  I wonder how many “French” bakeries there are in Tokyo?  Laura and I are off to work on our baking skills!  Pictures on Wednesday!

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