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Guernsey was Great! Part II

Our trip to Guernsey was really a spur-of-the-moment decision and if the weather had been iffy, we would have never gone.  Queen Victoria and Prince Albert visited Guernsey on a last-minute whim too!  In 1846, they had been visiting the … Continue reading

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Guernsey was Great! Part I

Today, I’m taking a break from my regular Japanese-themed posts to talk about another island.  We went on a trip this past weekend to Guernsey! Guernsey was great!  Not much of a slogan I admit but our day there truly … Continue reading

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Surreal Japan

One of my favorite painters is Magritte–I can look at his work for hours on time without getting bored.  One of my greatest regrets when I was living and working in Belgium was that the Magritte Museum was under construction … Continue reading

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One Sentence

What would your life look like if you died today?  What is in your purse at this very instant?  How would you summarize your life?  I’ve come across these questions and attempts at answering them so many different times in … Continue reading

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Fukushima in the Fall

Evita recently visited Fukoshima and sent me this lovely photo.  She compared it to an oil painting and I agree with her–the colors have the deep vibrancy I tend to associate with early 18th century European oil landscapes.  I also … Continue reading

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Shogayaki Teishoku

Perhaps it’s because I’ve been to the market this morning and just finished grocery shopping but I want to start by sharing another Japanese meal with you.  Doesn’t this set menu look delicious?  My Japanese friend sent me this picture … Continue reading

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Problem Solving

Let me start with the good news–I can follow instructions!  Laura and I worked on the origami bakery set together and we actually did a halfway decent job.  Laura is only three so I was doing a lot of the … Continue reading

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