Jellyfish are beautiful.  How can you not admire their graceful shape?  Their ever-changing lines?  I can hear some of you responding “very easily.”  If you’ve ever been stung by a jellyfish, their beauty becomes a matter of some debate…or little interest!  I have been stung by their tentacles more times than I care to count yet their beauty remains.  When I received this postcard from Evita, I just sat and admired it.  I enjoy visiting zoos (especially as they move toward open “habitats” as opposed to cages) but I love aquariums! Evita and her family picked up this card at the Shinagawa Aquarium in Tokyo.  Her girls loved the dolphin show.  Evita enjoyed getting out of the house!  I counted six different aquariums in Tokyo alone on the Japanese Tourist Office’s website.  The sheer number of aquariums in one city is enough to give one yet another glimpse at the Japanese capital’s sheer size!  I can’t think of any city in the world with as many aquariums in one city, as many chances to get up close and personal with marine life.


One of the highlights of my honeymoon was snorkeling in the coral reef that surrounds a part of Mauritius.  I couldn’t believe that we could truly swim among them!  It’s one thing to watch Jacques Cousteau on TV, it’s another to be able to touch the fish yourself!  I wanted to try scuba diving but the quickie course offered by our hotel didn’t leave me feeling comfortable enough to go out on the boat and truly dive.  I’m a decent swimmer but one 3-hour lesson on using scuba diving equipment–I need more confidence in myself first!  Besides, as I said above, snorkeling alone offered us opportunities that I had never dreamed of! As trips to tropical destinations are not an everyday occurrence, I get my fill of fish visiting aquariums–maybe one of Tokyo’s next?  Our next stop in Japan will be Okinawa–a tropical paradise for fish, snorkelers and divers alike!  Happy Halloween!
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