Tokyo Disney Sea

Tokyo Disney Sea -- 10th Anniversary

Today felt like Christmas in my mailbox!  A wonderful package and several postcards all beckoned to me when I opened it up!  A good mail day to make up for the dismal rainy weather we’re having today!  As I write this message, I’m savoring one of the goodies that came in the mail–chocolates from the Tokyo Disney Sea tin that Evita picked up for us during her visit last week!  Tokyo Disney Sea is celebrating its 10th Anniversary this year!  Laura immediately recognized Mickey and Minnie on the tin.  She even tried to grab it directly out of my hands.  We had a brief discussion on the merits of asking politely and I let her have it.  I’ve started thinking about taking Laura and Elise to Disneyworld or Disneyland Paris.  In another two years, they will be 4 and 6 years old and it feels like a good age to me for trying a Disney experience.

My Japan travel guide suggests a trip to Tokyo Disneyland or Tokyo Disney Sea as a “must” for the small set.  Both resorts are located just outside of the capital in Chiba.  Tokyo Disneyland is the third most visited theme park in the world (behind Disney World and Disneyland in the USA).  I can only imagine how much money I would spend there.  I spent an evening with friends in Disneyland Paris over 10 years ago and more than blew my budget in just 20 minutes in one gift store.  I was a student then–just think what damage I could do now!

DisneySea is divided into seven “ports of call:”

  • Mediterranean Harbor
  • American Waterfront
  • Port Discovery
  • Lost River Delta
  • Arabian Coast
  • Mermaid Lagoon
  • Mysterious Island

I love how Disney resorts are always so thematically organized!  Without every having been there, I can already guess the first place we would have to visit–the Mermaid Lagoon!  To Laura, a mermaid is a princess and a princess is perfection!  I wonder if the Princess craze is as big in Japan as it is here for little girls.  I’m not sure where Laura’s princess obsession came from; certainly not from me.  Perhaps from watching Cinderella with my Mom?  She certainly knows who Ariel is as well!  Evita also included stickers for the girls and Laura immediately picked Ariel out.  Based on the names, I would probably head off to the Mysterious Island; a little adventure is always welcome.  I know no matter which Disney Park we eventually make it to I will have as much fun as the girls!

To end on a bit of a tangent, ticket prices for theme parks in France, including Disneyland Paris, will not be the subject of any additional taxes for the time being!  After intensive lobbying, the government withdrew its proposal a few weeks ago.  Shortly after changing its mind, and only a little over a week later, they successfully voted in a new tax on “gap” medical insurance (les mutuelles).  A mutuelle is a necessary part of anyone’s budget here, they are designed to cover the difference between what you pay for medical care and what national French health covers.  I’m not sure if this was just bad timing or a coincidence but I have a hard time with the idea that it’s easy to tax something that everyone in the so-called silent majority needs but heaven forbid we tax large theme parks with excellent lobbyists!

(I certainly don’t hold anything against Disney for the decision–I will be visiting there one day!)

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