Welcome to my Blog!

I have been dreaming about visiting Japan for some time now!  I actually saved enough Frequent Flyer miles for my husband and I to go there on our first post-honeymoon trip.  Can you see where this is going?  Life, or more exactly, parenthood got in the way.  I’m still determined to visit Japan one day.  Until I manage to make it there myself, I’ve been discovering the country one postcard at a time.   For the moment, this blog is a latent idea that I’ve had floating around in my head for some time.

I “discovered” Japan a lot later than most of my friends–I suppose you can translate that by saying that I’m not a fan of manga.  (Or perhaps I just haven’t read the right one yet 😉 As an aside, did you know that France is one of the largest markets for manga outside of Japan?).  I played on our Nintendo, and then later our Playstation, without thinking about where they came from…I obsessed over Pikachu and growing my Pokemon but my thought process went no father.  I will even admit to loving Hello Kitty! (I still have a soft spot for her and now it’s my girls turn to be obsessed!)  I think my interest in Japan came out of the desire to try something new and different–to open my horizons to Asia after years of focusing on American and European history!  I admit that there is a certain irony in my having chosen an insular country but Japan just seemed to point itself in my direction!

For this, my first post, I’d like to leave you with a Japanese map card I received via Postcrossing (more on that later) and the stamps that were on it.

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